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Fully functional command line SMTP mailer.
Add multiple attachments, cc, and bcc recipients. Only $49.
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You can download a setup program that installs the program and icons in the start menu.

Download SmtpMail.zip

System Requirements

This program uses Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0. It works on both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Version History

2015-05-08 Version

  • Minor updates.

2014-10-02 Version

  • Bypass server certificate validation.

2013-09-09 Version

  • Line breaks are shown in plain text emails.
  • Use of Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0.

2012-10-23 Version

  • The attachment parameter now supports wildcards.

2012-06-04 Version

  • GUI support for systems running IE 9.

2010-12-04 Version

  • Let the user edit the email before sending it.
  • SSL support added.
  • Send using Google SMTP server.
  • New retry parameter added to allow retries.

2008-11-09 Version 2.0

  • Windows and basic authentication added.
  • Support for multiple attachements.

2008-04-01 Version 1.0

  • First public release